Sunday, March 18, 2012

sun kissed skin

florence inspiration


You laid me on your lap.
you kissed me softly.
you were holding my hand.
but then you slippedyour hands up my innocent skirt.

You clawed at my lower back. you teared into my sides.
as you slipped your bloody fingers through my stmach.
i tried to breathe the thin air, for i haven't eaten in days.
up, up, up you reachedfor my lungsthat breathe for you and only you.
 you squeezed them.

My almost last breath escaped, i gasped.
you rubbed my rib cage that protects me form you and only you.
because i was now scared,
but i loved you, i loved you.
you noticed my blood rushing and you held my heart in your hand.
my heart, that beats for you and only you.

Breathing deeply, without looking at yo beautiful topaz eyes.
i know what would become of me.
before i turned onto nothing, you said to me
"I love you. i need your perfect pure blood. your strong heart...
I love you"

My lips became thick, my very last breath....
then you kissed me in the chest.
i felt your vangs.
you ate my heart.

rib cage holdin'

la via en rose

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