Thursday, June 13, 2013


Though i would start posting a daily sketch..maybe that will encourage me to draw more? i really need to do this more often. I am not to good of an artist so i really want to get better

Hot Summer's Day

 hello! i know it gets hot wearing black on a warm day..but i guess I can say it wasn't too hot. it was a bit warm though. The started off as a cool day but with the after noon, cam the warmth. i was lucky to be prepared. i was wearing my new lace bandeau, which i love. i just took off my t-shirt and instantly felt cooler. The lace bandeau has the length to my rib cage and I like it, i feel it looks better? well enjoy your week guys!

 *Showing off my rings in this photo.

rib cage holdin'

la via en rose

bright light

i am iron man


girls got rhythm

growing tree