Friday, September 14, 2012

True poetry

I know I hate you.
I also know hate is a strong word to use.
 Your parents, family and friends teach not to use that word.
I always thought I would never use it.
But then my mom met you and she had herself two beautiful daughters.
One planned and the other an accident.
I was that accident, her accident and your problem.

 I was brain washed by this villain ever since the age of three, convinced that he was and is the only man I could ever trust.
But not everything you hear is the truth,
In fact everything you have ever told me was a lie.
If u are a father of any kind, then u are a father of lies.
I couldn’t hate anyone more in this world than you.
I know I was not your first born….or even your second.
But I am your last; you should have treated me better.

I could be sorry for finding out the truth about you and never staying that little girl that u brain washed in to thinking that you loved her.
I could only ever be sorry for that fact that I am not someone u can lie to any more.
I am so sorry that you are no longer my father, that u were just a mere phase in my life that I got over.
I also will mention that you have destroyed my life from what it could have been.
A life of positive “male attention” but now look at what you’ve done.

You might as well have died because that’s what it feels like, empty and non-existent.
I only thought I loved you because you made me believe it.
Well I am not blind any more sir or Jose or Ernesto or mister or…
I don’t even know what the hell to call you anymore.
But I will call u the past that’s for sure.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

(randy) Love's school wear...1

 yes, this is what i wore to school today.....i guess it's not what u think when u think of school wear, but i truely love going "all out" when it comes to going anywear. unless i am tired.

 I was'nt sure which picture to post, so i put both of them up. Just playing around with my camera. :)

rib cage holdin'

la via en rose

bright light

i am iron man


girls got rhythm

growing tree