Tuesday, May 7, 2013

NEW way of wearing my boots.

 So this is just continued of my last post. i thought i'd show my new way i feel i shoud wear my military boots. In case those of you get bored for the look easily. Also these photos contain of my few favorite accessories at this moment.... it might change in a month or so?

 ****Roll black socks over the boor, looks as if they were bought that way. love wearing them like this.

first week of may.

 what a beautiful way to end the first week of may. well today is in fact my birthday, so i guess this is sort of my birthday post? But besides the mellow day i have had, i forgot that it was my birthday. So this is a new beanie i have learned to love. i love the color and i wear it with almost every thing :p. but that's okay, i manage to match alot with it. and my D.Y.I "wolf cross shirt is also my new favorite shirt. i made it once late at night. and i have been wearing my blakc military boots in a new way. i wear them with heavy long black(knee high) socks and roll them over the boot, so that it covers about half way down. It give the boot a new fresh look.

rib cage holdin'

la via en rose

bright light

i am iron man


girls got rhythm

growing tree