Help but Wonder
this is me, being true.
to my self?
most likely not.

but i do have to wonder why
i haven't figured it out yet.
why aren't i something amazing,

why aren't i conquering the world.
no one knows but me and
i am the only one stopping my self.

Please Kiss Me
Please kiss me.
Just once.
hold my hand is all i ask.
Hug me like you mean it.
Just do everything you did before.
When you did love me.

Before you left me, alone.
A dark place is where I stand with no one to hold.
I am just urging to stand close to you.

Like before the end.

Lieing here alone
I lie here alone
as of leaves do and the grass.
were both living
but we keep getting stepped on.

Beast in me.
They all watch me dance because it’s a dream.
Like wolves I’ll bite back and howl.
But who is my moon? It seems,
 It is only a mystery.
Looks to me, I growl.
This is the beast in me.

Beauty is my only breath,
My hair darker than the night,
I kiss your life and you’ll be in depth
For my teeth is what shows the light.
This is the beast in me.

The eyes of emeralds give me away
My blood is black, you know it’s true.
 It lets me catch my pray.
My paws are coming through.
This is the beast in me.

 I can’t be served, I can’t be saved.
They pray for me to clear themselves.
My fur is clean, what time I bathed?
Do not hide in your shelves.
This is the beast in me.

As I live, I was born to die.
My velvet voice will still ring.
I wish I can say this is a lie.
I am never the same thing.
This is the beast in me.

theres is nothing more unusual about the beauty in some ones face.
their face, lining the bone structure- perfect cheek bones, lips soft and full of love.
nothing, nowhere is in an odd place.
the eyes are as blue as the above.
it will hold the colour of the rotten ocean,
but still be as clear as tears.

he, he is what it is.
the purest of them all, of any creature on this painful planet.
the face of an angel, but can it kiss?
kiss back with light pressure and wet.
lift me from my sorrows and take me away on the way to heaven.

the doors are never open to me,
but to something so perfectly sculpted.
they'll always be waiting.
so, my blue eyed beauty can you save me?
can you?

Just use those clean, white wings that are braced on your back.
your muscular, cut back.
and lift me off the ground,
with your hands of satin: soft and lean.
proof of your work around the world,will be left.

walk to thee, and forgive her.
she never meant to hurt some thing of your kind.
No one ever will purposely try to hurt you again.
just speak to her with you sweet, soft voice.
it's like the silent wind that lightly blows by.

so yes, my blue eyed beauty,
will you forgive?
religion is made of you,
but nothing you wanted.
take the hand of life and let it be beautiful.

the wind
He calls my name.
kisses my cheeks as He blows by.
quickly, without thinking.
i am left to think that He loves me.
he comes by, trying to pull my hand.
take me off my smooth feet. until he realizes,
He can’t do any of that.
but he does hug me. sweetly he hugs me…
touching my every curve,not missing one.
he moves my hair and makes me guess his colours.
Knowing that he can keep me cool, or blow my skirt.
he will always carry a whisper to me.
” your beautiful, today”
“i love you”
he can even carry my smell of lavender to the worst of nature,
and make it all better.
he is, the wind

I love you deeply
I think about you all the time.
I think it’s fair, I lie.
She is no big deal, really.
But I still stare at your smile beaming.

How do I deal with this?
Maybe a kiss?
Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.
But you need to stop being so damn beautiful.

Stop haunting me with those eyes that glare.
Without you my soul is bare.
Could you imagine not being with the person that you love most?
I do, I really do love you and know, I don’t mean to boast.

But no one on this earth could ever love you the way I did.
You had me drunk on the sight of you I was like a little kid.
Always following you around because I thought there more important than school.
And every now and then I think how could’ve I been such a fool?

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