Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

 Not sure How to explain my new view on valentine's day.I used to look forward to it very much but it seems a moment can change everything. well Happy valentines day to you all and i love the denim jacket that i finally got my hands on...i found it at good will. every thing is found at thrift stores. So for all you flannel and heavy jacket lover's thrift stores are your MOTHER SHIP. Especially if your into those "holiday sweaters". So if you have this phobia about wearing/buying used clothes, tough it out because clothes is always best when used buy some one else...i mean why do you think people go crazy to wear a dress that was recently worn by some one like "Taylor swift or "Gewnith Patrol". It's stars like these that drive our ladies (and some men) crazy.

rib cage holdin'

la via en rose

bright light

i am iron man


girls got rhythm

growing tree