Saturday, July 7, 2012


Wolf eyes:
You always turn back to man, by the break of dawn,
Leaving me breathless and in your paws.
I don’t want to leave when you look at me with those.
With those wolf eyes of the earth,
They take away the light in world.
They have stolen the color of the fresh grass and the life of the leaves.

They watch me move over you,
Burning holes through my olive-skin.
It’s a bitter-sweet feeling that I love.
Wolf eyes leave me cuts and scars.
I bleed and bleed, until the colorless earth is cover in red.
You are dangerous, but it is never enough for me.

I want you; for all that you are,
A monster is dangerous to all.
Being a beast, a wolf, isn’t that bad.
I’ll take you in, care for you.
Do anything for you, you have compelled me.
With emerald eyes, that glow through the darkness.

I need your strength upon my mortal body.
I need something to make me feel indestructible.
It is selfish of me to take you away from your forest.
Your land to where you belong, were you can run free.
A place where you can hunt, kill and eat.

But I want you, your eyes, your eyes, your wolf-burning eyes.
If I need to be hunted, I will be.
If I need to be killed, I will die.
If I need to be eaten away from my soul, take it.
If I need to do anything just to get a glimpse of those eyes,
I will do it, but will you let me?

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